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Cross Promotion in Your You Tube Commercials

What is cross promotion? Cross promotion has two or more parties involved. Each party finds a way to promote the others product or service within their own business. This is a powerful way to get the word out about your business. 

Recently I was watching a commercial on television and I saw a wonderful way this was done.  It inspired me to write this blog.  The commercial is below:



Lea Michele of “Glee” first did this commercial.  Later they mixed it with The “Sound of Music” Movie to create a cross advertisement. The commercial is beautifully done, and peaks your interest, especially if you are a fan of the show “Glee”or the movie “Sound of Music”. But what I thought was interesting is these advertisers took two totally different products and brought them together in one advertisement and the “glue” that made it work was the song “My favorite things”.


How can cross promotion benefit your business?  How can you find businesses to create cross promotions? How can you use cross promotions in your videos?  These are a few questions I will cover in this blog.


How can cross promotion benefit your business? 


Cross promotion helps create a larger audience for your product.  It creates a way of people looking at your product differently.  Take the example above.  The companies are hoping that next time you are at the grocery store and you need to pick up soap products you will choose “Dove” because you like the show “Glee” or you like the actress Lea Michele, but also you may start thinking of the song “My favorite things” and it brings in your mind the “Sound of Music” and you think about the video, maybe purchasing it for yourself or a family friend.  If this happens Dove's marketing message worked.  They brought two products to your mind at the same time, and the thought of purchasing them. You too can use this powerful way to advertise your products or service.


How can you find businesses to create cross promotions?

Some great ways to find other businesses to create cross promotions is at network meetings or with social media contacts. When you meet business owners and connect with them and their business, talk about different ways you can create an advertising relationship. Businesses have done this by adding their link on their website, or by mentioning them in their blog or newsletter. Many online marketers may have online radio shows and webinars that promote other businesses while promoting their own.

For our “Tears of Joy Video” business we have created a network called the “ San Diego Wedding Co-op” where we meet with different wedding business professionals and market our businesses together. As a team was are researching ways to create more traffic and customers to our businesses. I have also seen many of the businesses within the group network together individually to create cross promotions. One example is a company called “Effie’s Flowers” who teamed up with “Mark Anthony Romance”, They got together and she created a special arrangement just for his business, and together they are advertising each others company with this product.

How can you use cross promotions in your videos? 


We have already created a few of these types of videos for our clients. Here is one example of a cross promotions created by 4 marketing businesses on the Internet. They created a series of marketing tips:



Other ways you could do this is create a video talking about both your businesses and recommending each other.  One of the best ways to do this is to create a story.  The story can be the “glue” that brings the two businesses together.  The story could be how you met, how you worked together on a project or a story of how you have used each other’s services.  Take for instance the example the “Effie’s Flowers” and “Mark Anthony Romance” product that was created above.  They could tell the story of how they met and came up with this product and how it could benefit their end users.


Cross promotion is done all over the Internet. Even this blog had many cross promotions in it. TOJMarketing can suggest ways for your businesses to use cross promotions in your business videos. Feel free to write us or give us a call to help you get started.