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How to use your videos



Email Signatures-Include video in your signature of your email.

Newsletters-Add a video in with your newsletter to highlight your main points. It gives the reader the option of reviewing the information first in a short video, then gives the detailed newsletter below. 

Emails-Send out emails to your list announcing your new video on You Tube or your landing page. Invite them to share it with friends, make comments and rate your video. 

Video Blogs-Most blogging sites now allow you to put the code right into the blog for a video. YouTube gives you the coding on their page to do this. 

Ads-Use video in ads on your social networking and with your link exchanges. Request they add your video with your link. 

Website-Use video to draw people into your page, to introduce yourself, giving them a human element behind the advertisement. Use videos as instruction manuals or to highlight the points you want your visitors to take notice of on your website. 

Afflilate-If you have an affilate program, offer the code for your video so your affiliates can put your video on their site with your link to direct people to you. All they have to do is direct people to the video and let the video sale your product. 

Introduce Yourself to Social Networks-Use your video to send over to new contacts who you connect with on your social networks. Create a squeeze or landing page with your video for your network that addresses them personally and tells them who you are and what you do. 

Training-Use videos as training manuals for a service you offer. You can do a video to direct people to the page, a video to introduce the page, and then a way to download a video series for a fee. 

Stories-create a video with a success story about your products. True life stories with video are very powerful tools, and work much better than a sales letter or email. 

Video Testimonials-Personal testimonials from your clients sharing how you were able to help them. Much more powerful than written testimonials. 

Marketing Course-Send a video marketing coarse through email to get people to see the need of your service. 

YouTube-Video Viewing Sites-With the right placed title and search words on your listing and channels you can get a audience subscribing to your videos which are eager to watch each video you upload. Video sites also get priority in search engines. To help you even further, you can request to promote your video on You Tube or you can use google ad words to promote your video on google.  So now these sites can become even more powerful in the search engines than your website. 



Tradeshows-Have a looping video playing to advertise your product.  Give the videos away to interested clients. 

Video Business Card-Have all your contact information printed on a DVD and prepare a video for them to watch your marketing message when they get home. 

Speaking Engagements-Use videos to prep the audience, to bring home your main points of your speech or to share stories and video testimonials to your group.  Have copies of the video created with your contact information for the group to take home. 

Direct Mail Marketing-Send a DVD to your prospective clients.  Curiosity may get the better of them to stick the DVD in and see what it is.  Then you have a captive audience watching your marketing message. 

DVD Greeting Cards-Create a DVD greeting cards to send to your clients. Great way to say thank you for their business. Not the usual type of greeting, so it is sure to make an impression.  

Networking-Create a DVD to introduce you and your business.  Put it on DVD and hand it out to people you meet in networking meetings.