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Marketing Videos-Learning from the Pros

 Continuing on the theme from our last blog; how to create your business stories with video, this blog will again explore some of the past television commercials, and how they used their marketing message to make their products stand out in peoples minds.

All three of these videos are classic commercials, yet their marketing message still sticks in my mind years later. That is key in helping people remember your company and your products. They all make use of one major ingredient, a tagline. Watch this first video to see what I mean.




This commercials main theme was it's tagline "GE It brings good things to life". How many people still remember that tagline? The commerical then went about sharing stories of how they do this. I counted 13 stories total in this one minute commerical. Each story was a short 5 second clip about their products and how they benefit us in our everyday life. This is powerful in a number of ways. Each clip is something we all can relate to, and they are short, keeping our mind actively watching for the next. In the end they brought all the stories together showing how in all these "stories" of your life their company has helped you out.

How can you use this in your business? Do you have products that benefit your clients? What stories can you share. Can you use a picture or a short video clip that would share those benefits? Can you tie all those benefits into a sentence of what your products can do? Then you can recreate this same type of video to market your business over the internet. Think of your stories....

Our next video is a classic commercial from about 25 years ago. Can you remember this Wendy's commercial and this tagline?



"Where's the beef?"  I know friends that still joke about this tagline.  This commercial made use of a type of illustration call a hyperbole.  This is taking a story and blowing it out of proportion or overly exaggerating it.  They were trying to make a point.  Many of their competitors where making smaller hamburgers to make more profit. By putting such a big bun with such a small hamburger, they were making that point.  The older lady actress really added to it in the way she looked at it and asked the question, as if to say in her expression “Are they kidding? This can't be the hamburger.  It must off fallen off somewhere".  

What this commercial did was told a story that made Wendy's stand out from their competition.  They showed how their company provided a better quality product from their competitors.  By exaggerating their story they were able to do this in a memorable and amusing way that made their audience take notice. 

How can you do this?  Think about how your product or service stands out from your competition.  How can you show this in a video story, maybe even exaggerating the story to make people stand up and take a look at what your provide.  Can you think of a short tagline that would fit in with this story? 

Our last classic commercial is from 1969, but people who may have never seen this commercial may have heard of the tagline.  If your marketing message is remembered long after the message has been viewed, you know your message is getting into the heads of your audience.  Lets see if you remember this tagline. 



This commercial was a short story about an actor who couldn't get his line right, and had to eat the spicy meatball he was promoting.  So it was kind of a commercial within a commercial.  After a number of takes, the spicy meatball had an effect on him (his pain) and he couldn't get through the filming.  Solution Alka Selzer.  After taking these tablets he was back, ready to film the commercial (results) and finally gets it right.   

This is a classic story marketing message, telling the story by showing the pain, finding a solution and getting the results.  What type of story can you create that will promote you product or service?  What problem does your product or service solve?  Find your story and then it can be created in a marketing video to share with the world. 

These videos were professional videos, but today with your video camera or with pictures you can tell the same story and with our editing skills we can help you put it together and share it over the Internet on your website, in social media websites or in you ezines or online marketing material.