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Telling Your Marketing Story With A Jingle

Music Notes


What is a Jingle?  Here is the dictionary definition: A jingle is a memorable short tune with a lyric broadcast used in radio and television commercials, which are usually intended to convey an advertising slogan.Why use a Jingle? Because one of the best ways for the brain to remember something is to put it to music. 


For example, last year I put the question out on linked in “what commercials stand out in your mind long after you have seen them?”  I received a number of responses.  Of those responses around 85% replied with a commercial that had a memorable jingle as part of it.  So how can you as a small business owner use jingles in your video?


If you are a musician, you have it made.  You can create your own jingle.  But what if you are not. You can hire a musician to write a Jingle for you.  But maybe that isn’t in your budget. If you have a small budget, take a look at this site: .  This site has a number of people willing to do things for $5.  Most people can fit that in their budget.  If you search it out, I have seen people offer to create jingles for $5.  I am not sure how great it would be, but it is worth a try, especially if you have no talent with music.


If you are talented with words, but not music, you could search many of the royal free music sites and find music that you can put words to.  This will require you or someone you know to sing the song.  It should be someone with a good voice, because if your performer hits a sour note, that will be what is remembered, not the message.


Do you have to be musically talented or even have music to add a jingle into your message? Not really.  If you notice the videos below, most of these jingles were done more like nursery rhymes in a school yard, but they are as memorable today as the day they were created.








It is not beyond your grasp to add a jingle to your video.  TOJMarketing can help you with creating a marketing video and adding a jingle that will be remembered long after the message is played.