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Adam Urbanski is a marketing guru that I met on Facebook.  I subscribe to his newsletter, and enjoy seeing some interesting ways he uses video to market his message in his newsletter. Here is a YouTube video he had created for a video newsletter he sent out a while ago to market one of his seminars.  When you received the email, he send it in text format inviting you to click over to his video newsletter.  This video was on a page of his website.  That page also had a short introduction to the seminar shortly to take place.  A very ingenious way to use video in marketing!

What I liked the most about this though was the video.  It wasn't a video preaching about how great his product or service was.  It was a video with helpful information on how to market your business.  He focused on others and not on himself.  

Think about your business.  What tips could you give to help your audience who reads your marketing newsletter?  Now how much more effective do you think those tips would be if you gave them out on video, maybe even showing them in the video what you are talking about.  This is a very effective way of using video in your marketing.  The beauty is in the end you direct them right back to the page you want them to view.