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Video Taping Techiques

 TOJMarketing is a service that edits the videos you create.  Since many of our clients are not professional videographers, they are clueless about how to create video that looks professional.  This page is tips for you to create a video that will look professional.  Some are just simple tips to add a special look without the expensive cost of hiring a videographer.  Check back from time to time, because we will add more information as it becomes available.

 Green Screen


Many people are using green screens.  This video shows where you can purchase a green screen and how to use it.  If you film your video with green screen TOJMarketing can add any type of background to your video.  This helps if you are videotaping somewhere where you don't want people to see the mess behind you.  It is also a great way to get creative in creating your stories.  In the video they suggest this website to purchase your products:

Proper  Lighting  On  A Budget


Lighting can be a key in creating quality video.  This video goes over the different types of lights to use in videotaping and what the pros and cons are of lightings.   In the video they suggest this website to purchase your products:

Creating Clear Audio In Your Video

 Many people when they create video, concentrate on the picture and forget about the how the sound came across.  The don't realize background sounds, wind or distance from the mic can complete drowned out the interview or at least distract from it.  One way to create better sound is to think about buying a cheap directional microphone that you can use with your camera to pick up the voice of the person you are interviewing.  If you don't have access to this, think about finding a quiet room to take the person to where there is less distractions or background noise.  Click here to read a blog with some great tips on creating quality audio for your video.

How To Interview Someone On Video

Since many people use video to interview people about their product or service, I thought a few tips on how to video tape an interview might be helpful.  Click here to read an article on how to conduct a interview on camera.  Also another version of a interview may be a testimonial on camera.  Click here to read this article on how to create great testimonials.

Using A Tripod

 Some people would be surprise how professional their videos could look by just using this simple tip.  Use a tripod.  Click here to read this article on the advantages of using tripods in film.  Another quick tip is when filming try not to do any quick zooms with the camera on.  Turn off the camera and zoom to where you want to go and the start the camera recording again.  This also is true for panning the shot to a different direction.