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Why Are Commercials Remembered? Blog Series 1

  This week I was doing some research for our new E-Book “Finding your business stories-How to create powerful marketing messages on video” and I put out the following question to our network:   

What classic TV commercial sticks in your mind long after you have watched it? 


I received a number of replies.  What stood out in my mind from the replies is that commercials have a powerful influence in people’s memories.  Like special news events, or classic television shows, commercials are associated with different aspects of our lives. 


Today with Tivo, many fast forward through the commercials.  But when a commercial stands out, people take the time to take notice.  Some shows are even known for their commercials.  Last weekend was the super bowl.  There is a website dedicated just to super bowl commercials (  ) Why? Because this show is known for its interesting commercials.  


Any commercial on television can be found on YouTube.  Even the classic commercials are found there.  What does that mean to you?  It means your company can post your commercial right beside the professional television commercials.  But how can you make your companies commercial stand out, interesting, something that is watched and remembered?  We are going to do a series of blogs on the research we have done for our book. This blog the first of the series. Portions of this blog will be included in our new book, which we will announce on this blog when it is completed. 


From our research we have discovered that commercials are remembered in people’s minds for 4 reasons:  


  • For its tag line  
  • For its jingle or music  
  • For its story  
  • Because it’s funny  


We will cover these 4 areas in our next 4 blogs and show you why these worked and how you can put it to practice in your business.  So stay tune for our next blog.   


Would you like to know the top 3 commercials that were remembered?  You can watch them below.


Where's the beef?


I'd Like to buy the world a Coke


Oscar Mayer Song