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Why Market With Video?

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Are you interested in creating a marketing video or a series of marketing videos for your business?  Here are a few reasons for your business to use video in your marketing.  

  • Why would you want to use video in your marketing?  Video gives the greatest impact to the visitors.  It combines classic TV commercial ads with today's internet interactivity. 
  • Video captures your audience attention.  It is well know that most people prefer being entertained by video than reading.  A video ad is more attractive to the websurfer and there is more chance they will watch a short 2 to 3 minute presentation with pictures, movement and sound, than they would read text on your site. It gives your site the hook to draw people in. 
  • Video help you get to the point faster, so it is more aggressive advertising, but done is a way that is attractive and exciting to visitors.  Short catchy videos induce awareness to your perspective clients your message, your products or your services.  
  • The search engines love video.  A well-placed video can quickly get your business message on top place in google or on the first page of the search engines.  Since most video viewing sites are free, you can place your video on a number of these sites, giving your business a wider exposure. 
  • Video marketing is still relatively new to marketing.  Many companies are still learning ways to use video in marketing materials and online.  Using video marketing will thus put you ahead of your competition, making you stand out as exciting and different. 
  • Video gives you site personality.  It gives people a chance to know the person they are doing business with.  It also gives your business credibility and your website personality and depth. 
  • If your marketing video is interesting or entertaining, people will pass it on to friends, and it can become viral over the Internet, being passed on to more people than you could personally market to yourself. 

These are just a few of the powerful reasons you would want to use video in your marketing.  If you have reviewed these you can see that there is really no reason not to create a video.  One more important point is video the most cost effective way you can use to get the word out about your business.