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How to Create Your Business Stories on Video

TOJMarketing finds stories in your business and creates videos to share those stories. Maybe you are wondering, what type of stories can you create on video to market your business? This blog will cover some of the top advertising videos and how they told a story about a product. By investigating these videos maybe you can see how you can create stories for your business.

One of the best storytelling commercials are the commercials that are created for Hallmark.  Each tells a special story that highlights why it is important to use their product. Watch the one below and afterwards we will point out some of the techniques they used in this commercial.

This video takes an everyday experience we have all been through.  Whether we were seeing this story through the mothers eyes worrying about the child on her first day of school or the child facing the frist day of school, this commercial had a way of pulling you into the story.  You felt the pain, which was the butterflies or the nerves of the girl on her first day.  The solution, a nice card placed in her daughters backpack.  Just reading that card and knowing of her mothers love settled her nerves.

Now lets try another one.  This video is a classic commercial from the 80's.  Those of you who were around may of remembered Pacific Bell commercials with the tag line "Reach out and touch someone".  This video shows the importance of doing that with this story.


The story again is something we can relate to.  The wedding day of this women's daughter.  The sadness of the empty nest is this woman's pain.  A friend calls and brightens the women with fond memories of their past.  The solution--use the telephone--or in this case long distance service.  A call from a friend made the sadness vanish. 

One last one.  This is a emmy award winning commercial for PBS a couple of years ago.

Again this tells a story.  A story of a fish that sought for a better life.  This commercial gets you so caught up in the story of this poor fish, that you even forget it is an advertisement to the very end.  The story draws you in as you worry what will happen to this gold fish.  In the end he got what he wanted, to swim with the big fish.  Then the message fashes across the screen and you know that it is there to show PBS makes you more empowered by their television shows.

All three of these marketing videos told a story.  All the stories started with the characters pain.  In the first commercial it was the girls butterflies on the first day of school.  On the second it was the sadness of the daughters wedding being over and coming home to a empty house.  On the third it was the fish wanting to swim in bigger waters.

All three marketing videos solved the pain with the solution.  The first was the hallmark card that showed the girl that her mother cared and it was going to be okay.  The second was the phone call that brightened the mothers spirits.  The last video of the fish story was a little harded, but it showed the fish went to great lengths to improve his life, because he was empowered.  Bringing home that if the TV viewer watched PBS their shows would empower them.

So what pain or problems does your service or products solve.  How could that pain be expressed in a story.  Tell the story, create the pictures of your story in your mind.  Now picture that pain being solved by the solution, your product or service.  TOJMarketing can now take that story and create it on video to share with your prospective clients over the internet.

Everyone has a story.  Let us help you find your stories in your business and market them with video.